Nikolas Konstantin
Leading with Purpose
Change makers and their organisations in resonance

Hi, I am Nikolas.

I support leaders and organisations to transform into more resonant versions of themselves—so they can grow with purpose, and have a positive impact in the world.

From advising EU leaders in the European Parliament to working with leading change makers and organisations, I am driven to support in developing visions for ambitious change.

At the heart of my work are strong partnerships I develop with change makers and their teams. Those close partnerships enable me to uncover a unique personal and organizational DNA and envision new futures.

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Inner Work & Outer Impact: The Reflected Leader Flywheel
Coaching & Leadership
Reflected leaders focus on transforming into more resonant versions of themselves—so they can grow with purpose, and have a positive impact in the world.
Organizational Design
Reflected leaders focus on uncovering the potential of their teams— resulting in more mindful, open, human-centered organisations.
Every change-maker needs a side-kick
Coaching & Leadership
I support leaders to transform into more resonant versions of themselves—so they can grow with purpose, and have a positive impact in the world.
Meditation & Flow State Facilitation
Improve your grasp of mental training, self-management & contemplative wisdom.

My Meditation & Flow Coaching Framework has been published in leading coaching magazines and builds on the work of leading neuroscientists and practitioners.
Purpose Sprints
Imagine the future you want to create with a design sprint for your life.

My signature design sprint for personal purpose has helped change makers in building a dashboard for personal development and use design thinking to accelerate their life.
Leadership Coaching
Do the inner work to impact the world.

My One-on-One leadership Coaching empowers leaders in their unique journey to becoming reflected future-shapers.
Organisational Design
I support leaders & their teams to create more mindful, open, human-centered organizations & work.
Team Acceleration Journeys
Solve priority problems by tapping into your collective intelligence

In our offsite journeys we uncover and bring your transformation into balance— my current signature journeys: Strategy, Leadership, Mindfulness & Purpose.

Org Design
New operation systems for focus and directions

I assist in designing new operating systems that enable organizations to become mindful champions in conduct & culture.
Workshops & Retreats
A la carte solutions for learning organisations

In my trainings I help you enhance well-being, leadership, resilience, collaboration and team performance in trainings catered to your needs.

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I write a bi-weekly newsletter featuring inspirations, creative insights & learnings called "A Mindful Week".
Great Partnerships start with getting the basics right
Reflected leaders focus on self reflection and learning

Each journey and partnership starts with a getting to know each other. To help you to uncover your bold vision fast I created the Purpose Sprint, a design sprint to uncover and lead with unique purpose. This tool helps us to get you up to speed in no time.

Reflected leaders are discerned in choosing their partners
Coaching is a particular science: I am actively involved in contributing to this interdisciplinary field with publishing guides and articles on leading coaching and contemplation publications.
Reflected leaders work proactively on addressing pain points head on
Every new chapter in your journey requires new capacities and abilities to lead in the most resonant ways possible. Once we define those capacities we can lift off.
Leading into the unknown
Proud change-makers envisioning new futures with humanity at heart.
Nikolas brought me to an even stronger vision for my creative aspirations.
Dennis Quetsch, 3*** Michelin Cook Rutz
The Mental Fitness Coaching with Nikolas helped me to become a more mindful leader.
Robert Cohrs, Senior Manager Amazon
Nikolas is a trusted partner on my path to inventing the future while staying faithful to traditions.

Nancy Grossmann, Sommelier of the year 2021

Unraveling your personal and organisational DNA: How we uncover your visions for ambitious change

Partners not Consultants

Designing human-centered Innovation starts with close partnerships.

At the heart of my work are the strong partnerships I develop with change makers and their teams to envision new futures.
Sherpa to your Inner Work
Deepening the inner work that drives real leadership.

Think of me as a sherpa in your journey to do the inner work to uncover your visions for ambitious change.
Design your Cultures of Purpose & Performance
Unlocking the human potential of people to lead their transformation.

I assist organisations to tap into their own collective intelligence to drive ongoing transformation and behaviour change at scale.
A deeper understanding of yourself
Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

Next Dates

23.01 Art & Science of Meditation Workshop at OHIA Studios, Berlin

Each Monday 19:00 & Tuesday 20:30 Meditation & Techniques at OHIA Studios, Berlin

June Silent Meditation retreat (invite only, please write me a mail if you want to join)

Podcast: Auf der Suche nach dem Hier und Jetzt - Doppelfolge: Was du schon immer über Meditation wissen wolltest (Folge Eins & Zwei)

Podcast: Catalyzing Radical Systemic Change - #5 Debunking Meditation As A Panacea For Everything
(Spotify & You Tube)

University of Witten - Lecture "Meditation in 2021 - (video coming soon)

Ein Plädoyer für Meditation in den Beratungs-Professionen, Artikel für Fachmagazin “Spektrum der Mediation” für Coaches, Berater und Mediatoren

Publikation Herbst 2021 (link)

The Onyra Guide to Meditation, 2021 (link)

Purpose Sprint — A Design Sprint for Personal Growth, 2021 (link)

If I am not coaching I am leading the team of meditation teachers and host deep dives into the art and science of meditation at ŌHIA studios Berlin.

I am also the founder of Onyra Mind Club, a start-up focused on designing modern solutions for self-reflection.

I am mentoring selected intermediate meditators on their own journey through the jungle of mindfulness. If you are an intermediate meditator (300 - 1000h of experience) reach out and I will do my best to see who might be a good fit to support you.

Nikolas Konstantin
Partner at ForChiefs
Reach out to see if our ForChiefs Alliance and I can support you in your journey.

Nikolas Konstantin
Partner at ForChiefs
Reach out to see if our ForChiefs Alliance and I can support you in your journey.

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